There Is No Manual To Life

There is no manual on how to live life. We are here to create a life, to live it, to explore it and develop it. Life is ups and downs; it is going on one path, then another.

And as you begin to discover yourself; what excites you, what inspires you, what delights you and what you desire; you begin to understand that what you were told about how life would be, might not always hold true for you.

The above quote from Alexis Rockley is a reminder that, if you are a person who has gone from job-to-job or you keep changing your major in college or university (I know I did), do not feel shame or guilt for doing so. Understand that your desire to find out who you are and what you want in this life are valid and that, as you were experiencing new challenges, they were helping to build and develop who you are.

Your experiences are not a waste.

Life is like one big research project. You try to make sense of your experiences, try to translate them and see how they fit in your personal understanding.

These experiences, this learning and this self-development and growth is what makes life -- your life -- beautiful and interesting. So explore your life passionately, live curiously, and just enjoy your personal adventure.