You. Your Goals. And Your Mindset.

Your goals are attainable. But your mindset may be keeping you from believing you can achieve them.

We all have the ability for greatness. While some people are born with more “natural” abilities to perform certain skills, it does not mean that we cannot learn, improve and become exceptional at something. Anyone that tells you otherwise, may have limiting beliefs themselves. Don’t let that get to you.

There have been a number of stories of athletes or performers, who were told to “give up” because they did not initially show great promise in their skillset. However, with dedication to improving in that skill, we have seen many do great things.

Olympic Gold Medalist, Helen Maroulis, was told by multiple coaches, “it would be in everyone’s best interest if Helen didn’t return. Ever. Again.” Olympic Bronze Medalist, Patricia Miranda, was a "chubby, un-athletic high school kid who wanted to wrestle. After a bad beating on the mat, she was told that she was a joke." Despite these criticisms, both women continued their training, leading them to a gold and bronze for the US.

Have a clear view of what you want

Writing out and knowing what your goals are is important. By visualizing and knowing exactly what your goal looks like can be imperative to your success.

Nineteen-year old Canadian Tennis super star and Gram Slam winner, Bianca Andreescu, said, “I’ve been visualizing ever since I was 12 or 13, when my amazing mother introduced me to it. I find it very helpful… I believe we create our reality with our mind.”

At the beginning of each and every year, I visualize what I want to accomplish and see for the coming year. With my Passion Planner, I write out a list of goals and get very specific with them. I include what the goal looks or feels like and add dates for which I will achieve them by. From there, I break my goals down by quarter, and then by month. I then further break them down into weeks – it’s a bit of work, but I’m telling you, it’s worth it. This makes things far easier to achieve; helping you knock your goals off your list.

Invest in coaches

As part of my goal setting this year, I also made a list of people whose work I admired, who I was inspired by and who I would love to work with to help me improve my skills. Three months later and I ended up being mentored by someone I had placed on that list. I was stoked! I learned so much from this person and am grateful for his time and his expertise. He showed me areas of opportunity, where I was doing well, and taught me new tricks and techniques to help improve my music production.

If you want to be great at something, then learn from the best. Invest in yourself and the right coach to help get you there.

I literally have had coaches for everything. These people teach me valuable skills that help me to improve and continue to inspire me to do better.

And while having an awesome coach is significant, it’s imperative for one to understand that if you do not put in the time VERY regularly to improve on that skill, you’re going to get to your goal VERY slowly.

And, let’s be real, if you do not want to put in time regularly, maybe you need to ask yourself what your why is and if you really have a passion for your goal.

Limit your distractions

It takes an average of about 25 minutes (23 minutes and 15 seconds to be exact) to return to the original task after an interruption, according to Gloria Mark, who studies digital distraction at the University of California, Irvine.

Also, according to The Oxygen Advantage, by Patrick McKeown, the constant switching between apps and tasks, has caused many of us to develop an attention span of 8 seconds. That’s the same attention span as a goldfish. Just, no.

So, if you’re going to commit yourself to your goals, be sure to know what your distractions are, and to find ways to limit yourself from them so you can focus yourself on the what you have set to achieve for yourself.

And so, I end off with this…

Be careful about who you keep around you. While your mindset matters, so does the team you keep around you. Be sure to find a team of people who are in your corner; pushing you to be the best version of yourself, always. And if you don’t have that, find you a group of people who will.

You’ll thank yourself later.